Our Services

The Divine Artisans offer many interior services that help elevate the living experience of each client through exquisite artistry as well as great craftsmanship. These include, but are not limited to: specialty finishes, fine painting, restoration, and custom projects, all of which are executed to ensure the highest quality result.

Specialty Finishes

Our specialty finishes and proprietary techniques are carefully crafted with the finest and rarest materials from around the world. We offer custom finished that are blended, refined, and polished in-house, as well as select finishes composed of earthen pigments with properties that naturally filter the air you breathe.

We provide both interior and exterior finishes in all mediums:

Fine Painting

With meticulous application and attention to detail, our fine painting will breathe new life into your environment. Our artisans blend classical and experimental techniques to capture the very essence of a space.

Our artisans use only the finest paints from across the globe, including:

Restoration & Preservation

Our restorative services are carefully and mindfully executed to recover original beauty. With decades of experience, state-of-the-art techniques, and an astute knowledge of American and European aesthetics, Divine Artisans LLC masterfully delivers the most complex and intricate restorations.

We specialize in the following restorations:

Bespoke Projects

With unmatched creativity, incomparable technical skills, and deep international resources, The Divine Artisans are able to execute any project with masterful craftsmanship. Regardless of materials, surface, or space, we ensure maximum exploration and the highest quality result. Our goal is to perfect the details, immerse you in your surroundings, and create your ideal space by perfecting every detail.